Mirabell Plummer: that's our story

More than a decade full of passion

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Sophisticated cuts, fine fabrics and special details – this is fashion made by Mirabell Plummer. If you are looking for distinctive clothes and a taste for modern costumes, you will love the Tracy Hauenschild collections. The innovative designs of dresses, jackets, skirts and so on, convince with their extraordinary fabrics, innovative cuts and special details. You want a garment that should be very special and individual, such as a wedding dress? – then you are in good hands with Mirabell Plummer. Because special wishes are desired here and are implemented in handwork quality.

Natural aesthetics are expressed here

The secret of success and the philosophy behind the Austrian fashion label? The interplay of style, natural down-to-earthness and quality. Whether elegant or sporty, the alpine zeitgeist literally plays a major role here. Elements such as red-white-red stripes, coats of arms and the popular deer antler have made Mirabell Plummer what it is today – a fashion company that stands out from the crowd. The extravagant pieces, which have mostly been handcrafted to this day, stand for luxurious lifestyle. With the lovingly crafted creations that Tracy Hauenschild and her team keep shaking up over and over again, they delight their customers around the world. The variety of clothing styles and the uniqueness of the individual collections create the foundation to meet even the most exclusive wishes.

Set trends instead of following them: Mirabell Plummer goes it's own way

With the creation of the unique Mirabell Plummer look, designer Tracy Hauenschild has managed to give her fashion a very individual signature. An unruly passion for patterns and cuts drives the creative trendsetter to reinvent herself time and time again. True to the motto “feminine, exclusive, cuddly”, the autumn / winter collection unfolds unusually new, almost puristic tones. While the Plummer Style was hitherto figure-hugging and playful, you can look forward to classically elegant fashion in the future. The reduced design with its natural, energetic shapes and flowing transitions characterizes the entire collection. What remains certain is the attention to detail and the passion for exceptional clothing that Plummer customers live and love.

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Mirabell Plummer
Mirabell Plummer Dirndl