The Alpine Way of Lifestyle

Inspired by nature. Created by Mirabell Plummer.

Home means for us love and attachment to the beauty of nature that surrounds us.

The sparkling Lake Zellersee and its proximity to the snow-capped glacier make this place something very special. This is where the fashion company, which puts this unique naturalness into its clothing, grows up. Based on the alpine lifestyle feeling imposed on the label by its proximity to the mountains, a modern style, but still with many traditional elements has developed, which has gone through the complete range since the birth of Mirabell Plummer.

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Alpine Lifestyle Fashion

The fashion design by Mirabell Plummer combines joie de vivre with timeless elegance. Tracy Hauenschild’s hand-crafted pieces are both a living tradition and a luxurious lifestyle. If you are one of those people who not only love but also live individuality, you will like this style of clothing. If you wear one of the designer pieces, you just feel special. The company has come a long way, has grown steadily and is now fascinating people all over the world.

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Mirabell Plummer Jacke
Bunte Dirndl Schürze 1
Jacke aus Loden
Walkmantel Lungauwiesn